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Win & Lose hammer hitting game machine

Win&Lose hitting game machine (M)

Technical Parameter of Win & Lose hitting hammer game machine

Product name Win & Lose hitting hammer game machine
Product number LY-2913
Operation Coin operated game machinehitting hammer game machine
Size L620*W800*H1100mm
Weight 75kg(a set)
Material Acrylic, glassteel, wood
Package size L820*W1000*H1300mm
Voltage 220V AC
Payment terms 30% deposit in advance,70% balance before delivery, by T/T
Package Bubble pack+stretch films+well pappe+wood frame
After sale warranty lifetime

Product DimensionWin&Lose hitting game machine (Sz) Win&Lose hitting game machine (S)

Indicator diagram


1.Win & Lose is made of glasssteel, a durable material.

2.Simple game instructions.

3.Players get special card or tickets after the game.

4.Happy music and cute voice guide attract more players.

5.The body is made of Acrylic glass, enhancing vision effect.

6.Children can practise reaction.

7.Words learning program is equipped.

Win&Lose hitting game machine (D) Operating instructions:Win&Lose hitting game machine (O)

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