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PK918 shooting game machine

PK918 shooting game machine(M) PK918 shooting game machine(Sz) PK918 shooting game machine(S) PK918 shooting game machine(D) PK918 shooting game machine(O)PK918 shooting game machine(S-C)

1 Configuring 4D simulation pistol, the unique sound of explosions, laser light, vibration, odor, make the game more exciting.
2 The machine can be single or connection.
3 Machine is equipped with two large-scale sound, superior sound more attractive.
4 The machine has an edge Colorful lamps, colorful lights shining game, make the game more attractive.
5 A total of eight games off, and the second started off target started to move around, the more closed, then re-erected target fall time change is short, so players have a desire to conquer more and expectations.
6 At the end of the game based on points earning lottery (also according to customer requirements to install card reader, a Coke machine, etc.).
7 Certification by the Ministry of Culture machines, their explosive pistol is self-developed national patent products.

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