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Dragonwin Fast Gunman/Fast Gunking shooting game machine

Fast Gunman shooting game machine(M) Fast Gunman shooting game machine(Sz) Fast Gunman shooting game machine(S) Fast Gunman shooting game machine(D) Fast Gunman shooting game machine(O) Fast Gunman shooting game machine(S-C)

Game instructions:

1]Amusement shooting gun vending machine with brilliant appearance design.

2] Shooting gun with explosion as well as rapid mode.

3]High quality, fast installation, unique shape and simple operation.

4] CE approval

5] One-stop solution by self-researching, developing and manufacturing.

Coin operated amusement laser shooting simulator game machine for sale



1] Rapid consecutive shooting.

2] Realistic gun feeling.

3] Multi reward ways( coin or ticket)


Operation suggestions

1.Insert the coin,use the dynamic gun to shoot the heart of the bottle quickly.

2.After passing the round 1, bottle will be moving to round 2, 3, 4 .

3.10 rounds of the game, moving speed will be faster and faster.

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